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Jay B and Linda Ayers are missionaries serving in Ivory Coast, West africa
Oh Yes...God Can!
This book has 236 pages and is paperback.
"God Can!" by Jay B. Ayers has enough cliff hanging exploits to keep you on the edge. It has been said that faith represents things not seen but miracles can be visible. There is plenty of evidence of both within these pages. The only miracle witnessed by many might be childbirth, but Jay B Ayers cites numerous events that even a skeptical world would describe as beyond the laws of probability. His landscapes are varied---USA, Canada, Africa, Mexico and Belize. But the stories have a consistency similar to the Word of God from which he often quotes. Regular Bible readers will recall the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. A merchant sells all he has to acquire a rare pearl he considers more valuable than everything. We all have such a pearl within us. For some it's becoming President; for others it might be hitting 300 in the major leagues. For Jay B. Ayers it is seeing the lost get saved, the believer encouraged in the Lord and this is his story. 
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